What To Know When You Adopt A Dog

Adopt a puppy using advice and tips from Joel Silverman

Adopt a puppy using advice and tips from Joel Silverman.

Adopting a dog is a big decision for an owner and there are quite a few things to consider before choosing the right pet for you.

Joel believes in having a plan when considering adoption, and each of the components will help you find your perfect companion while minimizing risk. Joel can help you identify what ‘color’ your dog is prior to adoption to ensure it will fit perfectly in your life.

Pet adoption can be a very rewarding experience for pet owners. Use Joel’s tips to help you get the most out of your adoption experience.

Best Tips

Each dog has its own personality, and that’s what makes them such terrific companions. They complement our lives in so many ways because of the immense diversity among the breeds. From large dogs to tiny ones, from shaggy mutts to hairless purebreds, there is a dog for everyone! Read Joel’s Tips

Adopt Using What Color Is Your Dog?®

Over the last 35 years, Joel has adopted scores of dogs from animal shelters, rescue groups, and humane societies across the nation. Joel’s lucky animals not only get a second chance at life but also enjoy the fun of life on the set of “big screen” productions or TV shows and commercials. Learn to Use What Color Is Your Dog®

Spay and Neutering

If you are not a professional breeder, it is essential that you spay or neuter your dog. When should your dog be spayed or neutered? That decision is based on your dog’s specific breed—of mix of breeds—so consult your veterinarian. More Spay and Neutering Tips

Where to Adopt

There are three places you would likely adopt an animal—the animal shelter, humane society, or rescue group—and the differences between them become clear in just a few minutes. Find Out Where to Adopt