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Uncontrolled Training Environments

I talk a lot about uncontrolled dog training environments in my seminars and in my newest book “More What Color is Your Dog?” If you get the book, it is Chapter 9 – Controlled and uncontrolled training environments. Remember that in that uncontrolled training environment, the completion of the bad behavior is a reward. Letting …


New Dog Training Clips

Joel is happy to announce that he is going to be adding new dog training content daily on his website, his twitter page, and his linked in page. These one minute dog training tips will range from barking issues to simply teaching your dog to lie down.


Pet Matters

Catch Pet Matters with Joel Silverman! Pet Matters is a short dog training and care segment that airs on local newscasts. For more info click here>>


Chicago Seminar Postponed

We wanted to let everyone know that the Chicago seminar is going to be indefinitely postponed. Joel will be back in Chicago, but we could not nail down a location. Please check back with us regularly.


NEW 5:30 Wednesday Dog Training Class

We are proud to announce that we have added an additional 5:30 Nevada Humane Society dog training class on Wednesdays, as our Wednesday 3:30. 4:30, and Thursday 5:30 classes are full. To sign up just fill out the form and tell us  about your dog!