Dog Training

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Joel’s training brought him to the set of Hollywood movies where he worked with dozens of animals.

The foundation of Joel Silverman’s work in the animal world is based on training. Whether it be your average dog and cat or giant killer whales, Joel’s training techniques and secrets have helped him create a wonderful reputation in the animal training community. Joel offers the same techniques that helped him get animals camera-ready in Hollywood to the public through his Training DVDs, books and television series. Get your animal behaving better today with the unique training style of Joel Silverman.

Advanced Behaviors

It is a fact that dogs like to learn, and the degree of challenge they enjoy really depends on the breed and the dog’s own personality. If you have a breed with a very high prey drive, like a Border collie or Australian Shepherd, it’s a great idea to try agility training or fly ball training with him. Learn Joel’s Advanced Behaviors

Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain®

So what does “Bond With Your Heart, Train With Your Brain”® mean? This phrase represents Joel’s training style and everything he stands for. It came to him in 2011 while presenting at the IACP Conference (International Association of Canine Professionals) in San Diego.

Crate Training

The whole idea behind CRATE TRAINING is simply not to give your dog the chance to develop the behavior of relieving himself on your wool carpet or your fancy Brazilian cherry wood floor in the first place. Unlike people, most dogs are quite comfortable in dens or areas that are confined, like a crate. Although a dog might whine or bark initially, he should eventually become comfortable in there.

Puppy Training

Bringing a new puppy into your home is terrific. You’ve got a great new friend that you will start to build a great relationship with. But you might be surprised to learn that having a puppy also means you can get a good head start with the training as well.  More Puppy Training Tips

Potty Training

A dog relieving himself in the house is probably the most common of all the behavioral issues a new owner may have with his pet. When a dog is brought into a new home, remember that he will almost always want to relieve himself and then repeat the behavior in the same area of the home. Expert Potty Training Tips

The Basics

If you talk to a number of dog trainers, each would give you a different idea of what they believe “basic dog behaviors” to be. What follows are the three basic behaviors Joel believes all dogs should know and understand. Get Started Training Your Dog


As a movie-animal trainer, Joel has traveled often with dogs and other animals, both throughout the United States as well as around the world. Here are his tips and reminders for a more comfortable and enjoyable trip.  Hit The Road Worry Free


When you bring a new dog into your home, two things demand your attention: people and dogs. A mistake some pet owners make is assuming that everything will be OK with this new dog without any attention to socializing the dog to his new home. Remember that the introduction can quite often be the most important interaction of all. Improve Your Dog’s Social Behavior

What Color is Your Dog?®

One of the biggest misconceptions about training dogs is thinking that one technique will work with any animal regardless of its personality. If new dog owners and trainers would take the time to get to know their dog and understand what type of dog they are dealing with, and train their dog based upon that personality, more dogs would end up being trained. Discover Your Dog’s Personality Color