JSDT1 - Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course - $1,400.00

  • Four days, 35 hrs.
  • Dog trainer certification
  • For retired individuals looking for a part-time career
  • Professional dog trainers looking to learn under Joel, or have followed him for over 40 years
  • Owners of dog day care business looking to expand into dog training
  • Volunteers of humane societies or animal shelters looking to become a certified dog trainer.
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JSDTF - Foster Handler Certification Course - $40.00

  • 4 hrs. (not a dog trainer certification)
  • This course is geared towards the thousands of good-hearted men and women that choose to foster dogs.
  • This is also open to anyone looking to get a very basic look at animal behavior, and wanting to learn to teach the "sit" and "stay" behaviors.
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JSDT2 - Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course - $900.00

  • Five days, 40 hrs.
  • Dog trainer certification
  • Looking to take dog training to the next level? Our Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course might be for you.
  • Must either be a graduate of Joel's JSDT1 Certification Course, or have basic dog training experience.
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