Joel Silverman Chicago Spring 2016 One Day Seminar


We originally had this set up for April 9th, but due to the fact we could not nail down a venue, we had to postpone it. Once we get a location to host, and a commitment from students, Joel will be back in Chicago.

This is a “hands on” seminar so you can bring, and we encourage well behaved dogs. The fee for this one day seminar is $169.00 per person.

  • Includes free signed More What Color is Your Dog? book (2016) ($20.00 value)
  • All three volumes of Joel’s dog training DVDs (Volumes #1, #2, & #3)  to all attendees! ($60.00 value)
  • CPDT – 8.5
  • IAABC – 10

This one day eight-hour dog training seminar is geared towards novices, dog trainers, pet owners, and people that are looking to get a good grasp on dog training. The seminar is given in a PowerPoint/ practical environment. 1/2 of the training given will involve easy to follow PowerPoint presentations, and the other 1/2 will involve “hands on” dog training. Joel will also have all his books, DVDs, and Alternative Training Collar there to purchase.

2009 – Camp Bow Wow – Lincoln, NE

2009 – Nashville, TN

2009 – Cedar Rapids, IA

PowerPoint Presentation
      • Joel will teach his patented What Color is Your Dog?® dog training style
      • Joel will go into the three phases involved in building a great relationship
      • Attendees will learn how to assess the five colors of dogs (red,orange, yellow, green, and blue), and how to work with each color. They will learn how to change their body language, the way they walk, the way they talk, and the way they move based on the dog’s personality.Joel will give every attendee the opportunity to work with dogs with a variety of personalities, as well as dog training experience.
      • Joel will go over the very important two kinds of training environments (controlled and uncontrolled)
     Practical “hands on” Dog Training
        • The basic behaviors that will be taught will be SIT (two different methods), STAY, COME, LIE DOWN (two different methods), AND HEEL (Joel’s unique style)
        • Attendees will learn how to give verbal and visual hand cues to “seasoned” working dogs. They will have the chance to work with Joel’s dog Duchess, from the Chase commercial, as they learn how to give both verbal and visual cues to an actual working dog.      
Problem Solving
        • Understanding the basics of problem solving (the completion of the action is reinforcing)
        • Training tools, and how to use them
        • Understanding fear, and how to use redirection
        • Understanding what a correction is, and how important minimal corrections are
        • How to correct:
          – Barking
          – Jumping
          – Not coming when called

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