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Joel Silvermans JSDT2 Dog Trainer Certification Course Content
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One of the first questions that we get from people looking to take our dog trainer certification courses are “how much is it?” Something that owners of dog day care businesses like is that the cost per student for the JSDT2 Advanced Dog Trainer Course is significantly less than most online advanced dog trainer certification courses, and it is unlikely they would cover the control, distance, and the techniques that Joel teaches in his courses. In addition, because we travel to you, the cost for our course in most cases is less than it would be to send an employee or employees for training with a mentor. You can see that we have price breaks below as well, so the more students that sign up, the less the tuition it is per student.


If you own a dog daycare business, check out our 2019 schedule, and if you see a month opened, pick out a week and email us. Once you do that we will confirm that the week is opened, and you can then sign up. You have an option of 2-6 students. This whole process can take as little as three minutes. 

Here are the rates:

  • Single student – $1,100.00 – $550.00 up front 
  • Three Students – $2,600.00 – $1,300.00 up front – (save $500.00)
  • Four Students – $3,300.00 – $1,650.00 up front – (save $1,100.00)
  • Five Students – $4,000.00 – $2,000.00 up front – (save $1,500.00)
  • Six Students – $4,400.00 – $2,200.00 up front – (save $2,200.00)
Testimonials For Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification CoursesTestimonials For Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Courses
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