Joel Silverman’s Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course

Joel Silverman’s Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course (JSDT2)

First Class Going August 6-10, 2018 in Cocoa, Fl!!  – SIGN UP HERE>>

This class taught by Joel Silverman and special guest, Hollywood dog trainer and stuntman, Bryan Renfro. Trainer of:

  • Boomer from the TV series “Here’s Boomer” (1980-1982)
  • Bandit from “Little House on the Prairie” (1974-1983)
  • Fred the Cockatoo from the “Baretta” TV series (1975-1978)
  • Rin-Tin-Tin: K-9 Cop (1988-1993)
  • Benji the Hunted (1987)

Joel Silverman’s Advanced Dog Trainer Certification Course #2 (JSDT2) is a five day “hands on” ADVANCED dog training course, which gives students who have passed Joel’s JSDT1 course, the opportunity to take dog training much farther as they learn to teach some of the most popular advanced behaviors to teach their client’s dogs.

– Joel has sold over 500,000 dog training DVDs
– He has hosted two nationally syndicated TV series (1999-2009 – GOOD DOG U on Animal Planet; 2012-2014 – WHAT COLOR IS YOUR DOG?)
– He has authored four books on dog training
– You saw Joel in the national commercial for Chase Bank that ran nearly 4,000 times nationally, and now you can learn directly from him!
– Joel won 2008 Dog Trainer of the Year Award at the Westminster Dog Awards Dinner
– Joel won the 1986 Behavior of the Year Award at the International Marine Animal Trainers Association Conference (I.M.A.TA.)
– As a Hollywood dog trainer, from 1997-2014 he was responsible for the training and coordination of the dogs and cats for nearly all the national commercials and print ads for IAMS dog food
– This year Joel Silverman was ranked #5 DOG TRAINER IN THE UNITED STATES.
– To learn about Joel, READ HIS BIO>>

This advanced dog trainer certification course is designed for:

  • Certified dog trainers looking to take it to the next level and learn to teach some of the more advanced behaviors
  • Graduates from Joel Silverman’s Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course (JSDT1)
  • Dog day care and boarding companies looking to expand their services to include advanced dog training

One of the differences between Joel Silverman’s Dog Trainer Certification Courses and other online dog training courses is that students that attend his courses spend 90% of the time actually training a variety of dogs. These are the only courses that give students the opportunity to learn one on one with Joel Silverman, and learn step by step with Joel. Bad habits that trainers develop often come from the fact that they never learned the right way from the very beginning from their teacher, and never got a grasp of a good foundation. Every student will have their hands on every dog at every stage of every behavior from start to finish. 

* This advanced dog trainer certification course is designed for graduates from Joel Silverman’s Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course (JSDT1). One of the reasons Joel created this course was to teach dog trainers some of the same behaviors he’s taught dogs for films, commercials, and TV shows for over 40 years. Students will learn the techniques and steps that he has used on movies like the 2005 motion picture “A Good Year” starring Russel Crowe, for four years on the TV series “Empty Nest” from 1988-1992, and many others!

  • Every student will bring their own dog to this advanced dog trainer certification course
  • Students will get the chance to not only work with their dog, but they will rotate and work with other student’s dogs

Behaviors that will be taught are:

– Creating significant distance between you and the dog
– “Chaining” behaviors
– The Retrieve
– Sit up
– Crawl
– Back up
– Play dead
– Stand
– Place to place 

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