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February 2, 2017
I highly recommend Joel Silverman’s Dog Trainer Certification Course. The small class size, opportunity to work with a variety of dogs, emphasis on hands-on instruction, and excellent instructor made for an exceptional  learning experience.  Concepts were easy to understand and to apply when addressing situations one may encounter. Joel demonstrated each concept and technique and provided  constructive feedback at each step in the process. Each student’s progress was also evident in observing the dogs’ responses to us. After completion of the course, I feel confident in my ability to apply the knowledge I gained.  –  Kareen Masters

February 9, 2017
From start to finish, this training course has been absolutely amazing! Using the “what color is your dog”  scale really helped in determining how to work with each particular dogs personality.  The Hands On part of this training course was invaluable to learning how best to apply these methods to the personality of each dog and work with and SEE what color that dog was on that particular day.  I learned so much about all aspects of training a dog using their personality as a base as to how to bring out the best in them and make it a fun learning process for them, as well.  I am using this training and experience with my daily dog training and can not wait for the next training workshop experience!!
THANK YOU so much Joel. I am looking forward to the next one!!!! – Melanie Messenger

March 7, 2017
I had the pleasure of taking Joel Silverman’s first basic obedience certification in January of 2017. This was a 5 day program and I could not believe what I learned in those 5 days. The amount of knowledge that Joel has, you cannot put a price tag on that. I currently run a pet resort and I am the head trainer there. When I returned my business doubled after I became certified with Joel. I cannot wait for Joel’s advanced obedience class! Even if you have trained dogs before, you will learn a lot more through Joel. This class is well worth the cost, and you will learn so much that you can share with your future clients. Thank you so much for all that I have learned and the relationship I have created with you. – Matthew Dellaira