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May 3, 2017
“Wow! What an amazing experience! When I signed up for this course, I knew that Joel is an accomplished and renowned dog trainer, but what I learned is that he’s also an awesome teacher.  His instructions and demonstrations were clear and easy to follow, and his constructive “in the moment” feedback was invaluable.  Joel was patient and caring –   throughout the course, he was focused on one primary goal – the immediate and long term success of his students (and the dogs!)!  

A special thanks to my fellow classmates – the camaraderie we developed during our week together was fantastic; I look forward to continuing and growing our relationships.  To the wonderful shelter dogs I had the pleasure of meeting and working with (Toffee, Greta, Whiskey, Stella, and Andy (aka Lincoln), you have my undying love, respect and prayers for a wonderful life ahead in your much deserved forever home!  To Duchess, Joel’s very own amazing girl, love and hugs to you for your generosity and patience with me and my fine classmates as we honed our training skills with your superior assistance. Lol

And last but not least, a heartfelt thanks to Joel for developing this unique and highly effective hands on dog training course! From this experience, I came away with a solid foundation of dog training fundamentals on which to build and perfect my training skills, and the confidence I need to move forward as an effective and respected balanced dog trainer…after all, I learned from the best!”  – Laura Locher

July 11, 2017
I took Joel’s basic dog trainer certification course in July and it was a pleasure. The entire course is hands on and actually working with real dogs, something most other courses don’t offer. I appreciate this because it gave me a better understanding of what I was doing right, and what I was doing wrong and correcting it right away. I love how he emphasizes on creating a relationship with the dog you are working with which gave me new skills on how to evaluate a dog based on its personality. I would never have learned as much as I did in the 5 days taking his course in any multiple week online course. I would definitely recommend anyone who wants to learn well rounded basic dog training to take his course and learn great skills, and I WILL be taking his more advanced course. Thank you Joel! – Michelle Loudenclos

July 24, 2017
I wanted to tell you that I had a wonderful time at your class with you, my fellow classmates, and of course, the dogs.  With your  What Color is your Dog? system, the SPCA dogs we worked with learned very quickly even with an amateur like me working with them!  You have an immense amount of patience and skill as a teacher, which was much appreciated, as I was a nervous Nellie!  I hope to use my new skills and work with local shelter dogs in order that they may have an easier time finding forever homes. – Kristine MacDonald

January 26, 2018
So EXCITED!!!   Today I passed my JSDT1 course ! We had a great opportunity to work several dogs during the week long course .  Our class was small in size but not ambition!  I feel I am ready to start training on my own . Thank you Joel for all you positive direction and instruction this week – 
Wendy James

February 21, 2018

I cannot say enough GREAT things about attending the Joel Silverman JSDT1 Dog Training Course. MONEY WELL SPENT and seeing it come back to me with the increase in my pet training clients this year! HANDS ON EXPERIENCE while learning his methods are KEY to absorbing his content.  Joel presents the material in a small venue with patience and much guidance in technique. Looking forward to JSDT2. MANY THANKS! – Kelly Kolodkin