the foundation

This basic dog trainer certification course is designed to give individuals that want to train dogs, the opportunity to do so. They do this by learning to train six essential behaviors from scratch, as well as learn some of the most basic fundamentals of dog training. The six behaviors are:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lie down
  • Come
  • Heel
  • Go to "place"

Students will also learn Joel's patented What Color is Your Dog?® dog training method. Excellent dog trainers do not become excellent in six months or even two years. As with any other vocational career, Joel believes an individual will take the very basic foundation he or she learns early on, and build upon it from there and begin to either excel or falter. Dog trainers that learn a good foundation early on, and do not develop bad habits will excel. Dog trainers that do not learn a good foundation, and develop bad behaviors early on will falter.

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training your dog to lie down in joel silverman's dog trainer certification course

the difference

One of the differences between Joel Silverman's Dog Trainer Certification Course (JSDT1) and other online dog training courses is that students that attend this course spend 90% of the time working with a variety of dogs with different personalities. This is the only course that gives students the opportunity to learn one on one with Joel Silverman. Other courses require hours of written online teaching over the course of months; yet only give the student a small percentage of time with the mentor or trainer.

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Student training dog to stay from 8 feet away - JSDT1

who is the mentor?

Who is the mentor the students learn from? Bad habits that trainers develop often come from the fact that they never learned the right way from the very beginning from their teacher, and never got a grasp of a good foundation. Successful dog trainers will tell you that having the practical experience overshadows any reading, writing, or learning online. Students will be required to learn from documents, however, the majority of learning will come from practical dog training. No other online dog trainer certification course gives the students the opportunity to actually have their hands on a number of untrained dogs with a variety of personalities, and teach these six essential basic behaviors from start to finish, in just a week. Most importantly, every student will have their hands on every dog at every phase of each behavior.  

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