Joel Silverman’s Foster Dog Handler Certification Course – JSDTF


We are happy to announce the launching of our new JSDTF Foster Dog Handler Certification Course! This course is a very abbreviated version of Joel Silverman’s Dog Trainer Certification Course JSDT1. It is geared specifically toward the thousands of good-hearted men and women across the nation that have decided to put their extra time into fostering dogs. BUT IT IS OPEN TO EVERYONE!

There is a huge reason Joel wanted to create a certification course marketed towards people that foster dogs! Over Joel’s 40 year career, speaking at national dog training events, humane society annual galas, and many others, he found that the people  most interested in learning about animal behavior were people that fostered dogs. As Joel says, “people who foster dogs are amazing! They are like sponges… just wanting to get every ounce of information I give them”.

How long is the course? 
This is a short five hour course that will run on Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

What is the content?
There are a number of things that will be covered in this course, but the main concept, as in all of Joel’s courses, is understanding his patented “What Color is Your Dog?” patented personality-based dog training method.


  • The three steps in creating the trust and relationship. It is essential attendees understand these three steps, and are able to communicate these to the new owner. The trust MUST be established before the training begins.
  • What Color is Your Dog? training model – understanding that there are five colors of dogs – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Training techniques differ greatly between the colors. Attendees learn about the difference in body language, voice, rewards, and corrections.
  • Understanding the very basic concepts of basic behavior.
  • How to communicate information to the new pet owner. It”s great to learn how teach behaviors, but the art is to be able to communicate this valuable information to the new pet owner.


  • All of the attendees will have the opportunity to work with a variety of dogs owned by the foster parents atteneding.
  • Sit/Stay – The behaviors that will be taught will be the Sit and Stay behavior. We believe if foster parents can learn at least these very basic behaviors, and have the opportunity to physically teach these under Joel’s supervision, they will not only become more efficient, but also begin to introduce more behaviors.

How much does it cost?
The cost is $90.00

All graduates will receive a signed certificate by Joel Silverman confirming they have worked with him on the practical training of  the Sit/Stay behaviors with a different variety of dogs, and have passed the short written portion of the testing.
Anyone who goes through Joel’s JSDTF course, will also have the option to have the $90.00 credited towards his JSDT1 Dog Trainer Certification Course if they wish to take that course at a later time.