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What Color is Your Dog?®

What Color is Your Dog?® is a registered trademark us 4,540,400, and training style that was created by Joel Silverman in 2009, and it is the name of two of his books. The reason Joel created this training style was that he has always believed the greatest part about training dogs was understanding they all had different personalities. Over the past 40 years, Joel has learned that successful dog trainers will get to know a dog, learn what type of personality the dog has, and train the dog based on that personality. To make it easy, your dog is one of five colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, or Blue. This trademark is available for licensing, and if you are interested please email us.  

What Color Is Your Dog? Training Color Spectrum
Joel Silverman's What Color Is Your Dog Registered Trademark
Bond with your heart; Train with your brain®

Bond with your heart; Train with your brain® is a registered trademark us 4,272,828, a phrase, and the name of one of celebrity animal trainer Joel Silverman’s books. The phrase was created by Joel Silverman because he felt that quite often dog owners, through no fault of their own, look at dog training through their heart and not their brain. This phrase teaches owners to bond with their dog through their heart, and develop a loving relationship which is the catalyst and foundation of a fun dog training life. But when it comes to the actual training of the dog, Joel wants owners to use their brain, and not their heart. For information on licensing this registered trademark, please email us

Joel Silverman's Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain
The Alternative Training Collar - PATENTED

The Alternative Training Collar received it’s patent on September 13, 2011, and the patent number is US D645,213 S.

This patented collar functions as a training collar, but without the harmful and abrasive chain pulling against your dog’s neck. It provides a comfortable leather fit to your dog’s neck during training without sacrificing effectiveness. The patented leather collar keeps the chain on the back of the dog creating a comfortable, securing fit when pulled tight. The way the collar fits allows pressure to be outside the dog rather than centering it near the dog’s throat.

Thousands of pet owners have successfully used the Alternative Training Collar and the collar is a popular option among guests on Joel Silverman’s TV Show – What Color Is Your Dog The Alternative Training Collar is built in the United States by Coastal Pet Products. For more information on this collar read more. If you are interested in licensing this patent, please email us.

The Alternative Training Collar
Joel Silverman's Alternative Training Collar
Joel Silverman's Alternative Training Collar
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