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Joel Silvermans JSDT2 Dog Trainer Certification Course Content
Joel Silvermans Basic Dog Trainer Certification CourseJoel Silvermans Basic Dog Trainer Certification Course

To our knowledge, we do not know any dog trainer that is teaching these same advanced behaviors at this time. This course is great for dog trainers looking to challenge themselves and their dog.

Joel started as a trainer for motion pictures and television, so a lot of what he teaches are the techniques he used as a Hollywood dog trainer for over four decades. The behaviors Joel has selected for this course are the retrieve, head up, head down, play dead, and straighten up. The students in the course will also work on continued distance and control with their dog. They will also have the opportunity to challenge their dog by working side by side with other dogs. 

Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification CourseJoel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Course

We talk a lot about the foundation when it comes to basic behavior, but training advanced behaviors is really no different. If you have been through Joel’s courses, you know he focuses a lot on the foundation, and the early steps involved in all behaviors. When we start teaching more complex behaviors, and behaviors that have many more steps, or approximations, it is even more important to put the time into the early steps. The “retrieve” behavior is a great example of this.

Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification CourseJoel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Course
Training Your Dog To Lie Down In Joel Silverman's Dog Trainer Certification Course

Who is the mentor the students learn from? Bad habits that trainers develop often come from the fact that they never learned the right way from the very beginning from their teacher, and never got a grasp of a good foundation. 
Joel Silverman has been training dogs and teaching people for over 40 years, and has developed his patented “personality-based” dog training style. He, nor most successful dog trainers believe that there is one style or method in teaching a dog. he believes that there are many styles and they strictly depend on the personality of the dog you are training. Students will learn their dog is one of five colors. Red, Orange, yellow, Green, or Blue. 

Testimonials For Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification CoursesTestimonials For Joel Silvermans Dog Trainer Certification Courses

March 7, 2018
Joel Silverman was an amazing teacher for the JSDT1 course. His methods for training and teaching were simplistic and logical with always an encouraging and upbeat attitude. He made learning the basics in dog training feel natural. I highly recommend anyone wanting to learn the basics of dog training to come see Joel! I look forward to seeing you again hopefully for the next course! - Alison Vanstone

March 7, 2018
Really enjoyed the JSDT1  course and would highly recommend  it to others. Learning to use training techniques that  are appropriate for each dog’s personality type was awesome. And loved the hands on work with shelter dogs! Thanks Joel! - Mary (Pixie) Norwich 

March 6, 2018
Thanks for such a great class! I really enjoyed it.  I think Jake will be using this to begin his animal trainer career. - Tamara Pope

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