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K9 Reno With Joel Silverman

K9 Reno will be Joel Silverman’s third, and newest nationally syndicated TV series. In 1999 he hosted GOOD DOG U on Animal Planet, which ended up being one of the highest rated shows on weekends on the cable station. From 2012-2014 he hosted What Color is Your Dog? which was another nationally syndicated TV series airing on over 70% of the United States.

K9 Reno is a show that is going to be marketed to cable stations like HGTV, as the format is very much the same as the shows they air. These will be reality-based shows that are actually filmed over the course of 4-6 weeks. Viewers will be taken through the “real” dog training process, as the owners experience the highs and lows that most experience when training their dog. Joel will include a lot of his training methods with the most common being his personality-based dog training style and his What Color is Your Dog? brand.

We are just starting to shoot the pilot for this TV series! This page will let you know the status of the show, and we will also update with some clips from the pilot here as well. Keep this page bookmarked!

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