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TV’s Most Dynamic Animal Trainer

Keynote speaker Joel Silverman in front of audience

Joel Silverman hosts seminars to help pet owners gain a better understanding of his system.

Joel Silverman is a dynamic yet approachable keynote speaker. He has hosted TV shows, led seminars and interviewed for TV and radio shows.

With over 40 years experience, Joel can be booked for keynote speaking, TV Interviews, seminars, private functions and for animal training in film and TV.

Whether you are looking to inspire a group with the incredible journey of Joel’s rise to fame in dog training, or if you would like an intimate interview to discuss the details of Joel’s animal training methods, you will not be disappointed by a visit from Joel Silverman.

Joel Silverman speaking during an educational seminar

Interested in hearing from Joel in person? Bring him to your city for a demonstration or hands-on seminar.

Joel has traveled the country for speaking engagements, private training sessions and educational seminars throughout his career. As a keynote speaker, Joel has touched the lives of hundreds of people. He dissects his animal training career and provides life lessons for pet owners and non pet owners alike.

He is also no stranger to Hollywood film and TV sets, having worked with animals using his training methods to create precise behaviors for directors and producers. While using his unique animal training style on set Joel creates a fun atmosphere with animals, especially when it comes to dog training.

You know Joel Silverman by his love for animals and his unique training methods, but helping others learn his methods to life and dog training holds a special place in his heart. He enjoys coaching others to success in all facets of life, and you will get that first hand when you book him for your next private event.

Although animal training is what he is famous for, Joel Silverman will give you more than just dog training techniques as your keynote speaker. Learn from his life lessons as an animal trainer, or apply his training methods to your personal life to create a better life around you. Joel can ignite a crowd with a simple animal training story that reflects every day life for members of the audience, opening their eyes to training methods he uses daily.

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