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Joel SIlverman’s Bio

For an extensive look at Joel Silverman’s bio, check out our ‘bio page”.

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calendar of events

Whether you’re looking for Joel’s books, DVDs, or patented alternative training collars, we have it all for you!

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photo galleries

To check out Joel’s photo galleries, that include him training killer whales and dolphins, check it out.

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Joel Silverman’ s Your Tube Videos

Joel has over 150 You Tube videos you can play right here. We have basic and advanced dog training tips, clips from his nationally syndicated TV series What Color is Your Dog? and much more!

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Chase bank commercial

You’ve probably seen Joel Silverman’s national commercial for Chase Bank which aired nearly 4,000 times. His dog Duchess co-starred with him in the commercial.

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home and family show

Watch episodes of the Home and Family Show form the Hallmark Channel with Joel Silverman.

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