Partnership Opportunities With Joel

Registered Trademarks & Patents for Dog Training

1. Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain®

Bond with your heart, train with your brain®

Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain®

This registered trademark is available for licensing. The animal training trademark was created in 2011, and was crafted by Joel when he was writing one of his seminars. Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain® simply means, “bond with your heart” (develop a great relationship with your dog), but “train with your brain” (don’t get emotional about dog training). The reason this trademark was created is that Joel felt that pet owners often make a few mistakes before starting any dog training. A lot of these mistakes are based on emotions:

      • Often, helping pet owners train their dogs using techniques that sound good, but are not necessarily the right thing for the dog.
      • The other mistake pet owners often make is training the dog before a relationship is established. Successful dog training means building a great relationship with dogs first, and getting a dog in a place where the dog wants to please them and make them happy.
      • The Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain® focuses on teaching pet owners to develop a great relationship with their dog prior to dog training, then train their dog based on the dog’s personality and what is best for the dog.

To learn more about licensing the Bond With Your Heart; Train With Your Brain® trademark, fill out the form on the right side of the page to get in touch with the Joel Silverman team.


2. What Color is Your Dog?®

What color is your dog?

What Color Is Your Dog?®

This registered trademark is available for licensing. This trademark is really the heart and soul of Joel’s training style and training philosophy in the dog training world.

The personality based dog training system teaches pet owners to train their dog based on the dog’s individual personality and to connect with the dog beyond animal training.

      • Pet owners learn their dog is one of five colors
      • Red – extremely high-strung
      • Orange – moderately high-strung
      • Yellow – mellow
      • Green – timid and apprehensive
      • Blue – extremely afraid

You can create a partnership with Joel Silverman and the What Color Is Your Dog® brand by filling out the form on the right side of the page.

3. The Alternative Training Collar

Alternative Training Collars

The Alternative Training Collar

US PATENT #D645, 213S – This training collar was patented in 2011, and is an alternative to a chain training collar. This training collar is available for licensing. There are a number of pet owners and dog trainers that have used and currently use chain collars. There are also a number of pet owners that do not use a chain collar because of the way the chain tightens around the dog’s neck when pulled during dog training.

With the Alternative Training Collar, it functions as a chain collar; the only difference is that the portion that the dog feels on his neck is made of leather. This is a design patent, so the training collar can be altered to be made of a variety of materials.

The Alternative Training Collar is a unique animal training product designed by Joel Silverman, and you can learn more about licensing opportunities for this product by filling out the form on the top of the page.

Partnerships Joel Has Enjoyed

Nissan Motor Corporation

In 1998 Joel worked as a corporate spokesperson for Nissan and helped them to promote their Enjoy the Ride campaign. This involved a 12-city media tour promoting the Nissan Super Bowl commercial and the coordination of animals in the commercials.


From 1998-2003 Joel worked very closely with the PETCO pet chain, developing product and being the company’s spokesperson.


From 2001-2003 Joel worked periodically as a corporate spokesperson for IAMS. He helped them promote the Lifelong Friends Program, which focused on adopting pets while matching pets and pet owners together. During this tour, Joel traveled to over 20 cities across the U.S. during that time helping humane societies and animal shelters incorporate the program. Joel made dozens of local morning show and radio appearances.


In 2000 Joel worked as the spokesperson for Pedigree and completed a 14-city media tour to promote National Dog Week. The tour promoted responsible pet ownership, a passion of Joel’s. Joel’s dog Duke accompanied him on the tour.


For a number of years, Joel has worked as a corporate spokesperson for the Bil-Jac family. Joel’s relationship with Bil-Jac goes back over 20 years starting with Bob Kelly president of Bil-Jac. Their commitment to high nutrition food is a natural synergy for Joel.