Private Training

Joel offers Private Training in one-on-one or small group sessions

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Joel training a dog

Get a one-on-one training session with Joel.

You have seen him on Animal Planet’s GOOD DOG U, the nationally syndicated TV series WHAT COLOR IS YOUR DOG?, and the commercial for Chase bank. Now Joel is available for private training based on your schedule, both locally and in the continental U.S. Joel can spend 4 hours to several days teaching you the ins and outs of dog training. This allows you to tap into Joel’s wealth of knowledge and bring your dog to get personalized tips based on their personality. Joel will present his trademarked training techniques and help you identify the best approach for training your pet.

Joel teaching a dog using elevated areas

Joel’s private training benefits dog owners who have little or no experience training a new dog, or owners who have struggled to maintain their dog’s behavior. Joel helps you begin understanding your dog and giving you the voice to keep them under control.

In small group private training, Joel can present in a mini classroom style that allows for hands on demonstration and examples, discussion of potential problems and hundreds of repetitions with your dog. Things that Joel can help you with are:

  • Building a great relationship with your dog
  • Understanding controlled and uncontrolled training environments
  • How to assess your dog’ personality and color
  • Basic Behaviors (Sit, stay, elevated areas, lie down, come)
  • Problem Solving (Jumping, counter surfing, running out the door, barking, aggression)
  • Housebreaking (Teaching permanent or temporary puppy pad training, crate training)
  • Intermediate Behaviors ( Heel, going to “place”, creating distance between you and your dog in training)
  • Advanced Behaviors (Behaviors Joel uses on the set such as play dead, head up, head down, sit up, bow, speak, and retrieve.