Alternative Training Collar – Now 6 Sizes!!!

Alternative Training Collar – Now 6 Sizes!!!

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Please refer to our chart on this page to measure the correct size for your dog. FYI – The Medium and Medium II make up for about about 70% of all dogs.



The Alternative Training Collar functions as a training collar, but without the harmful and abrasive chain pulling against your dog’s neck. It provides a comfortable leather fit to your dog’s neck during training without sacrificing effectiveness. The patented leather collar keeps the chain on the back of the dog creating a comfortable, securing fit when pulled tight. The way the collar fits allows pressure to be outside the dog rather than centering it near the dog’s throat.

Thousands of pet owners have successfully used the Alternative Training Collar and the collar is a popular option among guests on Joel Silverman’s TV Show – What Color Is Your Dog. The Alternative Training Collar is built in the United States by Coastal Pet Products and is a licensed patent of Joel Silverman, Professional Dog Trainer.


  • The difference between the Alternative Training Collar and a choke chain is that although the Alternative Training Collar functions as a chain collar, the part that the dog feels on his neck is made of soft leather.
  • Another difference between the Alternative Training Collar and a martingale type of collar, is that when the martingale collar is pulled tight, because everything attaches in the center, it becomes nothing more than a flat collar. With the Alternative Training Collar, once it is pulled tight, the person still has leverage, and is able to make the correction more efficiently.

The collar now comes in six different sizes. To figure out the right size, simply measure the circumference of your dog’s neck. This means you measure all the way around the dog’s neck.

Once you have measured your dog’s neck, use the table below to determine the right size for your dog!

ATC Chart

Additional information


Extra Small, Small, Medium, Medium 2, Large, Extra Large

1 review for Alternative Training Collar – Now 6 Sizes!!!

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Mark Harden

    These collars are awesome. The perfect hybrid between a flat collar and a chain correction collar. The leather is just right – soft and pliable right out of the box, but strong and attractive. It wears nicely too. Some might think the non-adjustable nature of these collars a drawback, but I think the opposite. When you get the right size, you don’t have to deal with any cumbersome extra hardware that only weakens a collar.
    I’m a profession motion picture animal trainer with over 35 years experience; I use these collars everyday and recommend them to colleagues, actors, and crew members.

    • Admin_JS

      Thank you Mark! I am sorry this had taken so long to send, but we had to go through all the spam.. and we have deleted everything. I might add his post came from one of the top dog trainers in the motion picture industry!

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