Joel’s Values

A Shift in Career Path


Joel brings his core values to his training style and his approach with every animal he meets.

In 1997, Joel started working with humane societies across the nation as a corporate spokesperson for companies like Nissan, Pedigree, IAMS, and Petco. As Joel talked to people all over the country, he realized the average pet owner needed a lot of guidance. While he was doing local morning shows and personal appearances, Joel answered lots of questions from eager dog owners, and he began to see a pattern: owners rarely took the time to get to know their dog. This lack of relationship between dog and owner seemed to always be the catalyst for training concerns and behavior problems.

In 1999, Joel hosted his first TV series, Good Dog U on Animal Planet. The information was so well received that within a few months Animal Planet was running “train your dog day” with Joel Silverman featuring eight hours of shows back to back on Saturdays.

Joel’s Goals

Joel's Values with Dogs

Joel maintains his goals of helping children form bonds with their animals, and helping reduce save rates at shelters across the nation.

Joel still has a lot of goals! Though Joel’s message is readily available to adults, he hopes to help children by educating them about their bond to their pets. Every child knows the “golden rule,” and Joel plans to use that common principle to help children understand his training philosophy so they can be the next generation of responsible owners for happy pets.

Increasing Save Rates

Joel continues his visits to humane societies and encourages responsible pet ownership, and he hopes that many of them implement the What Color is Your Dog?® dog training model. If dog training can be made easier and simpler to understand, more dogs will be trained—and better-trained dogs means fewer will end up in shelters. After all, many of the dogs returned to humane societies and animal shelters are there because of behavioral issues. Through his books, DVDs, personal appearances, and TV series, Joel hopes to help make a difference in increasing save rates among animal shelters and humane societies across the nation.