What Color is Your Dog?® “Hands On” Dog Training Seminars

Joel is in the process of setting up his What Color is Your Dog?® dog training seminars for fall of 2015 and spring of 2016. Joel’s one and two-day hands on seminars have previously been accredited by the CPDT and the IAABC at 21.5 CEUs. During fall of 2015 through spring of 2016, Joel plans on getting out on the road and giving dog owners, dog trainers, or anyone that wants to learn, a better perspective and ideas on dog training. What’s great about these seminars is that students have the opportunity to enroll, and take these classes in their home town. Joel believes a big difference between his seminars and other dog training seminars are that a large portion of his seminars are “hands on”. Because Joel believes that so much is learned from the “practical” portion of dog training, he gives his students a chance to work with a variety of different dogs with different personalities. At that time, Joel is given the opportunity to see each student work with some dogs, and is able to correct mistakes in body language, cues, and a variety of other aspects early on. Most bad habits pet owners and dog trainers possess come from a routine they formed from the past. Because everyone has a chance to watch each other, many people will learn from what others are doing correctly and incorrectly. We are currently putting these dog training seminars together, and will have the pages below completed in the next week. If you are interested, or have a group of trainers or pet owners, please contact us.

2010 – Greenwood, IN – Indiana Working Dogs

2014 – Nevada Humane Society Seminar

2009 – Des Moines, IA – Great Iowa Pet Expo

2009 – Henrietta, GA -Camp Bow Bow

Joel Silverman speaking in front of the audience

2009 – Rochester, NY Camp Bow Bow

2009- Mankato, MN

2009 – New Bern, NC – Camp Bow Wow

2009 – Lincoln, NE – Camp Bow Bow

2009 – New York City – Camp Bow Wow

It would be great to build Joel’s seminars around some of our existing events:

October 17-18 – Des Moines, Iowapresentations and book signings at the Great Iowa Pet Expo on October 17-18.
November 14-15 – Indianapolis, Indianapresentations and book signings at the Great Indy Pet Expo on November 14-15.
March 15-19, 2016 – Orlando, Floridathree seminars at the Global Pet Expo.

Read about Joel’s seminars below:

Joel Silverman’s One Day Seminar >>
Joel Silverman’s Two Day Seminar >>